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» What's Covered for Computers, Laptops, Replacement and Repair



The Consumers Protection Act gives a warranty on all goods you purchase or lease from a merchant.

The goods must be usable
• for the purposes for which they are ordinarily used (section 37 of the Act) and
• in normal use for a reasonable length of time, which may vary according to the price paid, the terms of the contract and the conditions of use (section 38 of the Act).

For more information on this legal warranty, go to the website of the Office de la protection du consommateur at www.opc.gouv.qc.ca.

Replacement, Repair, Accidental
In this easycare plan (“Plan”), “we”, “us” and “our” refers to Staples Canada Inc. (Staples) and “you” and “your” refers to the purchaser of the Plan. By purchasing this easycare plan, you understand this is a legal contract and you acknowledge that you have read, and you accept, these terms and conditions.

What the Plan Covers
In order to maintain the operating conditions of the product covered by this Plan, we will, at our option:
Service & Accidental Plans: provide or obtain labour and replacement parts or provide or obtain repair services or, issue a gift card for the value of the product in operating condition at the time of your claim, provided the product has failed during the Plan’s term during normal usage.
Replacement Plans: provide a replacement product or issue a gift card for the value of the selling price of the original product, provided the product has failed during the Plan’s term during normal usage. Due to technological advances, if we choose to replace the product, the selling price of the replacement product may be lower than the selling price of the original product.
• The limit of our liability under either Plan shall be the depreciated value of the product at the time of your claim, excluding the cost of the extended warranty plan.

Product Eligibility
This Plan only covers products purchased from Staples, for which you have paid the correct Plan purchase price.

Manufacturer’s Responsibility
During the manufacturer’s warranty coverage period, please contact the manufacturer directly. Should you contact us, we will refer you to the applicable manufacturer.

Term of the Plan
The term of this Plan begins when the product’s manufacturer’s warranty is fully expired, except for Accidental Plans in which case the term begins from the date of product purchase. It continues for the specified number of years, except if a gift card or a replacement product is provided under the Plan, in which case the Plan ends on the date the gift card or the replacement product is provided. If we decide the original product and any parts replaced under the Plan becomes the property of Staples and must be returned to the store before proceeding with the replacement or gift card. Unauthorized repairs may void this plan. Staples may use refurbished parts to complete some repairs.

One-time Virus Removal for Laptop/Netbooks/Desktops
• Coverage begins from the date of eligible product purchase and is limited to one-time use for the life of the easycare plan.
• This plan does not cover loss or damage resulting from a computer virus, including but not limited to damage to stored data, or hardware failure during manufacturer’s warranty.

One-time Laptop/Tablet/Camera Accidental Damage Plan
The Accidental Plan is valid only if purchased with a Service or Replacement Plan. Both plans must be purchased on the same purchase date as the eligible product. The Accidental Plan’s coverage includes liquid spills, drops, cracks, broken AC pins and LCD screens. The Accidental coverage is limited to ONE repair over the life term of your Accidental Plan. If a claim is made under the Accidental Plan we will at our option:
• Repair the product, in which case the Accidental Plan will end on the date of the repair
• Or provide a gift card in which case both the easycare plan and the Accidental Plan will end on the date the gift card is provided.

One-time Laptop/Desktop Data Recovery Plan
The Data Recovery plan must be purchased in conjunction with a easycare plan for a laptop/desktop computer. Data Recovery Plan is limited to one attempt of data recovery over the life term of the plan. By purchasing the Data Recovery plan, you acknowledge the following:
• If the media/data/equipment is damaged/inoperable, the efforts of Staples to analyze the damage may result in further damage to the media/data/equipment. (For example, Staples may need to force open the hard drive case.)
• Staples is committing to using reasonable efforts with our existing technology, expertise and techniques; however, we cannot promise or guarantee a successful data recovery.

How to Obtain Service
If your product requires service during the Plan term, please call our toll-free service line: 1-888-723-3444. We will direct you to bring the product to one of our retail stores. In some cases, you may need to ship the product to a designated service centre at your own expense. Any repairs not authorized by Staples will not be reimbursed.

Availability of Service
We will try to complete service for your product quickly, but we are not responsible for delays beyond our control. This service is only valid in Canada. If the replacement of a mobile device has been authorized, it will be replaced with a new device. If there is no stock available in your device, we will order your replacement or replace the device with something that is equal in features and/or price.

What Is Not Covered
The easycare plan does not cover damage caused by:
• failure to provide manufacturer’s recommended maintenance or to operate in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions
• accidental or physical impact, spilled liquids*
• intentional damage, misuse or abuse
• fire, exposure to weather, earthquake, Act of God or battery leakage
• damage to electronic fi les and software, including damage caused by repairs under this Plan (it is your responsibility to back up all data residing on any product prior to delivery of the product to us, under this Plan), consequential or incidental damages, including, without limitation, damages for loss of use
• damages related to delays in providing service under this Plan
• damage of a cosmetic nature or the cost of lost or consumable parts (including, without limitation, drums, toners, ink cartridges, consumable print heads, LCD projector bulbs, batteries for cameras/tablets, cell phones, cordless phones and any other disposable type of product, excluding laptop batteries and adapters which have a one-time replacement.)
• damage to any accessories or attachments
• damages resulting from modifications to any product component
• damage to PDA screens or LCD screens on laptop, tablet or computers*
• loss or theft of product, software, data or accessories
• cleaning and/or other maintenance services
• on-site service
• restoration or recovery of DVDs

Transfer of Plan
The Plan is not transferable by you.

Termination by Customer - For Quebec Residents Only

To terminiate service, you may send a notice to any Staples location or to Staples' Customer Service Centre.

Termination is effective on the date that you specify in the notice, or failing any such specification, on the date of the sending of the notice. Termination may not be effected retroactively.

We may cancel this Plan at our option on the basis of fraud or misrepresentation, or the unauthorized repair of the product. You may cancel this Plan for any reason within 30 days of purchase and receive a full refund on the Plan price, less the cost of any claims paid (if any). To receive your refund, you must return to any Canadian Staples location with this document and all original receipts. After 30 days, no refund will be applied.

Complete Agreement
This document sets out the complete agreement between you and us with respect to the Plan. There are no other representations, warranties or agreements between you and us with respect to the Plan or the product.
*Covered by the laptop/tablet accidental plan (if purchased with an easycare plan).

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